Russian English Keyboard RK9820

Russian Keyboard RK9820

Product Description

Despite taking a departure from our new line's silver and chrome color scheme, the RK9820 delivers a potent performance in every aspect. With a classic fully beige color scheme, this keyboard offers top-of-the-line visibility on the key lettering. Large, easy-to-see laser-etched type on each keytop fulfills even the most stringent of demands for visibility. The English characters are dark gray, and the Cyrillic characters are bold red.

Three convenient power management buttons, Power, Sleep, and Wake, add a degree of flexibility to this keyboard. The biggest perks of this model are its very spacious standard layout and the nearly silent advanced membrane key switch mechanism, allowing for consistently comfortable, effortless, and nearly silent keystrokes. Above all, this is the best English-Russian keyboard you can get for the price.

Product Specification
  • English letters: Black color; Russian letters: Red color; Key color: White
  • Cable(s) included: 1 x keyboard cable - integrated Connectivity Technology: Cable, PS/2 connector (male)
  • Hot Keys/Functional Buttons Qty/Hot Keys OS Supported: Window Keys
  • Keyboard Layout: QWERTY (EN)/ ЙЦУКЕНГ Standard Russian (RU)
  • Number of Keys: 109
  • Operating Systemы: Microsoft Windows 95/98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or 7.x
  • Connector Required: 1 keyboard generic / 6 PIN mini-DIN (PS/2 Style) female
  • Software included: None. Note you would need to install Russian Cyrillic Support in order to type in Russian
  • Width: 18.2 in
  • Minimal System Requirements: Windows 95 or higher