Multimedia and Internet Keyboard RK9872: The Mercedes of Keyboards

Russian Keyboard RK9872

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One of the best Russian English keyboards available on the market! The Russian and English characters on the keyboards are imprinted from the factory (not stickers). The elegant, spacious design of this solidly built full size premium keyboard makes it a standout among our new series. From the roomy layout of the keys to the handy and stylish row of chromed shortcut keys at the top, this is the Mercedes of keyboards (see the design in the middle of chrome row).

Designed with ergonomics and performance in mind, this keyboard has one of the best key switch mechanisms we’ve seen; typing in this keyboard is not only delightfully comfortable, but also nearly silent. The full-size keyboard layout also includes three power management keys at the top right: Power, Sleep and Wake. On each black keytop, the English letters are white and the Russian Cyrillic letters are in a custom easy-to-see orange.

Making for that finishing touch, the RK9872 model comes equipped with a row of chromed shortcut keys along the top, putting various media and system management options at your fingertips. Whether you want something to spice up your personal computer or are looking for a classy edition to your office machine, this keyboard will make you feel and look like a million bucks, for far less.

Product Specifications:
• English letters: White; Russian letters: Orange; Key Color: Black (manufactured, not stickers!)
• Cable(s) included: 1 x keyboard cable - integrated
• Connectivity Technology: Cable, PS/2 connector (male)
• Hot Keys/Functional Buttons Qty/Hot Keys OS Supported: Window Hot Keys
• Keyboard Layout: QWERTY (EN)/Standard Russian (RU). The proper Russian standard keyboard layout - guaranteed!
• Keys Qty: 107 + 18 hot keys (special buttons)
• Connector Required: 1 keyboard generic / 6 PIN mini-DIN (PS/2 Style) female
• Software included: None
• Minimal System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95 or higher
• Brand:

Russian English Keyboard RK9872