Complete Russian Solution Pack for Microsoft Windows 7

Russian Solution Pack for Windows 7

Product Description

The Complete Russian Solution Pack for Microsoft Windows XP has everything you need in order to type, write, print and communicate in Russian:

This solution pack will allow you to use both Russian and English whenever you need it. Simply switch from one language to another using a keystroke or with a click of the mouse. This is a complete set - no need to buy anything else in order to russianize your PC. Also you save money when you order the solution pack instead of buying the products individually. Order now and save!

For more information on the keyboards included in the solution pack, please visit related product pages:

  • RK9872 “Mercedes” Multimedia and Internet Keyboard
  • RK9876 “Executive” Multimedia and Internet Keyboard
  • RK9888 “Elegant” Multimedia and Internet Keyboard
  • RK7888 “Stylish” Multimedia and Internet Keyboard
  • RK9820 White Color Russian-English Keyboard